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New Mastermind session starting March 5, 2018 – Testimonials
Read about how the principles from Thinking Into Results helped a V.P. of a Telecommunications Company to earn $3 million in 3 hours.

Didi King is a Certified Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultant facilitating a unique program, Thinking Into Results. This program systematically guides teams to move past incremental increases to have quantum leaps in their success, with each individual as well as the team as a whole.

As the name of the program states, participants begins by shifting how they look at things to think outside the box and create the results that they want. Not just the results that they think they can get, but actually set their sights on a bigger picture and make that happen.

Thinking Into Results was created by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher.

Bob Proctor is the leader in the the field of human growth and potential. He has been working with companies and individuals worldwide for 57 years with incredible results.

Combine the power of Thinking Into Results with the laser focus of a Mastermind group and you have Quantum Thought Mastermind.

Didi helps create harmonious teams by bringing Thinking Into Results into a 24-week, fully mapped out facilitated mastermind model that

  • Brings laser focus to each member of the team
  • Increases profitability, productivity, and efficiency
  • Increases confidence
  • Enables excellent decision making
  • Closes the gap between what you know how to do and what you actually do
  • Includes accountability
  • Includes daily action to implement what you’re learning and apply it to your personal and professional life
  • Increases job satisfaction (less turn-over)
  • Creates sustainable growth

Quantum Thought Mastermind is great for business teams and for individual professionals looking to take the leap to the next level.

Price Pritchett, author of you2, says this about masterminds:

“You can multiply your personal effectiveness, hit new highs, and shatter your old achievement records. The results you can have will be hard for you to imagine.”

This is a super-structured, laser-focused group of 10-15 like-minded professionals, or their business team, coming together in the spirit of harmony for a definite purpose.

Didi King has brought the brilliance of Bob Proctor’s teaching together with the principles of masterminding to guide individuals to tap into their true potential.

Are you ready for a super-powered approach to your success? Then Quantum Thought Mastermind is for you.

“You’ve got to shift gears. You have to follow new patterns of thought and action. . . ‘More of the same’ usually just gives you more of the same.” —Price Pritchett

There is always room for “better”. And isn’t that the vision of the individual, the team and the company, to always be seeking better?

  • Better performance
  • Better profits
  • Better compensation
  • Better client relations
  • Better work environment

The question then is, “how do we bring ‘better’ to the surface?”

That happens through gaining an understanding of how individuals minds work and why we do, or don’t do, things.

This is what Didi is passionate about, bringing awareness of the possibilities of the individual and the team. Helping them to see that what they thought was impossible really is, not only possible, but inevitable, when they choose to make it happen. Everything starts with a decision.

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