Sifu Pragata Blaise Returns to Madison!


We welcome Sifu Pragata back to Madison March 16th – 22nd, 2016.

During his time here Sifu Pragata will lead us in several exquisite art forms including Meditation, QiGong, Tarot and Sat-Chi-Sang. Having spent 20 years in India with Indian Master Osho, then his beloved satguru Papaji he went on to study QiGong in China and was initiated into the practice by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. He has become an unparalleled teacher and his students are achieving most remarkable results. Sifu Pragata teaches Shaolin Qigong in Europe and the US, in hospitals, Zen monasteries, yoga communities and centers for Transformation, as well as in the corporate world to executives and decision makers.

Workshops will be held at:

4Pillars4Health EcoSpace LLC.

6020 Kristi Circle, Monona  WI  53716 

March 16th, 7-9pm:

Evening of meditation. $25

March 17th, 6.30-9.30pm:

Introduction to the Tarot. $40

March 18th, 1-4pm: 

Tarot, an initiation. $65

March 18th, 7-9.30pm: 

Sat-Chi-Sang.  $Donation

March 19, full day:

Shaolin Cosmos Qigong, Lohan Hands. Intro + Level 1.  $150

March 20th, full day:

Shaolin Cosmos Qigong, Lohan Hands. Level 1 & 2.  $100

March 21st, 7-9.30pm:

Qigong Cosmic shower and Hands like clouds. Level 3. $85

March 22nd, 7-9.30pm: 

Qigong Lohan Arts for internal force and explosive energy. Level 3. $85

March 16-22:

Private Sessions by appointment.  $110  

Click for more details including schedule and registration.

For additional information please contact Dianné Jean Aldrich at: (608)279-5225.