608 Sound and Light

Our philosophy is simple: we want you to sound your best, every time.

We focus on quality audio. We don’t believe in overpowering your audience; far too many “sound guys” run their systems to the limit of the venue, permit, or their equipment, and that’s not enjoyable for anyone. We believe it is much better for your audience to enjoy and actively participate in your show by being up-close to the stage, rather than seeking protection for their hearing.

Steve LitscherSteve Litscher is our lead engineer. Steve began studying live sound reproduction and recording in the late 1980s. He worked with local theater productions and regional music acts for a number of years, and assisted with the engineering of an album that was recorded at Paisley Park Studios. He has since gone on to become the resident sound engineer for Kiki’s House of Righteous Music, where he has worked with international touring acts. Steve’s attention to detail, genuine concern for quality sound, and easy-going personality make him a required entry on the riders for all of Kiki’s shows.

Our equipment is tour grade with audiophile quality and clarity. We don’t use plastic, self-powered speakers, or knock-off components. Every piece of our system(s) has been carefully selected and relentlessly tested to ensure the best possible experience and outcome for everyone.

608 Sound and Light

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