Park Bank


As a Park Bank client, you’ll quickly discover that Park Bank is anything but banking as usual. Here, it’s about caring before calculating. It’s about knowing customers are more than account numbers. And yes, it’s about working hard for you in much the same way you work hard for your money. That’s Park Bank. Banking done better.


We understand that banking is not an end in itself, but rather, a means toward living the life you want. That’s why we put your success at the center of our thinking and promise to live by a simple philosophy: Caring Before Calculating.

That’s right. Behind everything we do – all the planning and researching, the major decisions and the minor details – lies the firm belief that tomorrow can be better than today. Whether better for you means a new home, a successful business or a new lease on life, Park Bank shares your dreams.

Park Bank

2401 South Park Street
Madison, WI 53713
(608) 663-5702