Monona Yoga Center Announces Upcoming Workshops

Saturday, February 24 from 1:30-3:30pm
320 West Broadway | Monona, WI 53716

Restorative yoga is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic activity of daily life and to calm, reset, and balance your entire body and mind. A restorative practice relies on the use of props and the prolonged holding of simple poses to experience a deep level of relaxation with maximum comfort and ease. The asana practice will be followed by a 30-minute practice of Yoga Nidra, a powerful meditation technique that will deepen the state of relaxation and effortlessness while still maintaining full consciousness.

REGISTER NOW – registration closes February 23
$20 for members
$25 for non-members

For more information call the staff at (608) 572 4831.


New Mothers – Are you looking for a welcoming, loving space to share joys, concerns, challenges, questions, & anxieties?

Do you need time and space to support your healing body, connect to your core, and be surrounded by others sharing the same experience?

Join us for this special 4-part series designed just for you! We will begin with open conversation and space for moms to bond, followed by a yoga practice combined with mindful breathing, restorative poses, and guided meditation to help us understand and assess our new bodies, reconnect with our core, build strength and proper alignment all while relaxing and releasing areas of tension.

No yoga experience is necessary. Best for women at least 8 weeks postpartum, or with the doctor’s clear to begin light physical activity.

Session Dates (Fridays from 9:00-10:30am):

  • March 2
  • March 9
  • March 16
  • March 23

REGISTER NOW – registration closes March 1
Exclusive child care rate: $3/child

For more information call the staff at (608) 572 4831.


Have you ever wanted access to the deeper, energetic aspects of yoga? During this series you will learn a variety of pranayama (breath training) techniques along with practical methods that link asana with breath in a systematic way. These things will show you how to gain mastery over the mind-body connection! You’ll learn how the body actually breathes and how breathing is connected to the nervous system, mind, and emotions. Working with the breath is a powerful tool that allows you to change the way the mind and nervous system operate. That is why breath training is a foundation of yoga practice and is also an important part of inner healing.

Each class will consist of the following: discussion over a specific aspect of breathwork, breath-oriented asana practice, pranayama practice, and meditation.

Session Dates (Saturdays from 1:30-2:45pm):

  • March 3
  • March 10
  • March 17
  • March 24
  • April 7
  • April 14
  • April 21
  • April 28

*no class March 31

REGISTER NOW – registration closes March 2
$129 – Member discounts apply
Early bird discount: $117 until February 17

For more information call the staff at (608) 572 4831.