Monona Grove Nursery School

Monona Grove Nursery School
A Perfect Place to Learn and Play!

Mission: Monona Grove Nursery School (MGNS) strives to develop life-long learning skills in young children in a safe, comfortable, relaxed, age-appropriate, play-based learning environment enhanced by active parent participation.

Philosophy: The underlying philosophy of our program at Monona Grove Nursery School is that young children learn best through play in a relaxed environment. Children are accepted as individuals with individual abilities and interests allowing for the development of a positive self-concept.

2018 marks our 60th birthday and we are preparing to celebrate!

Monona Grove Nursery School (MGNS) was founded in 1958 by Alice Schuller and DeLoris Vander Velde. Although some things have changed, like digital photos in weekly emails to parents, the nuts and bolts have remained the same – literally, in some cases.

Monona Grove Nursery School

4200 Buckeye Road
Madison, WI 53716
(608) 222-4633