MESBA Kayak Outing Fundraiser on August 3 • 2-7:30pm

Looking for an alternative to the golf outings? Try MESBA’s Kayak Outing! Enjoying a day on the water is a great team building activity, networking opportunity and helps calm and relax your mind. Like a golf outing, this event will allow our members to network with other business professionals while enjoying the great outdoors and serve as a fundraiser for the Alliance. Expect to kayak approximately for two hours at a slow to moderate pace. All kayaking equipment is provided. Fleets will depart at 30 minutes intervals. We will form the fleets and notify you of which one you are in.

The Monona East Side Business Alliance’s kayak outing will start at Rutabaga Paddlesports and will head down Nine Springs Creek on Thursday, August 3. Here, you’ll see wildlife from water level, including many geese, ducks, cranes, turtles, frogs and natural springs. It’s a simple creek paddle through an open wetland. In a matter of minutes, you will forget you are in Madison! This is a great paddling option for beginner paddlers, although kayakers of all levels are welcome.

Following the outing, we will gather at Waypoint Public House for an after party where food and beverages will be provided.



Kayak Sponsor: $500
After Party Food Sponsors (2 available): $500
After Party Beverage Sponsor (1 available): $400


  • Meet at Rutabaga Paddlesports (by the lagoon) 300 W. Broadway, Monona
  • Fleets will go out at 30 minute intervals; fleets will be foursomes or sixsomes depending upon how many register
  • Intervals: 2pm; 2:30pm; 3pm
  • Rain or shine (in the event of lightning, we will cancel the kayaking portion one day in advance)
  • After Party will meet at Waypoint Public House 320 W. Broadway. Take the boardwalk from Rutabaga to Waypoint.
  • After Party runs from 5pm-7:30pm and includes beverages and dinner.

Payment is required by July 27.

Kayak Outing & After Party: $115/person (indicate single or double kayak)
Kayak Outing (w/o rental) & After Party: $85
Kayak Outing only: $75
After Party only: $25


  • Bring:
    • a waterbottle
    • sunscreen
    • sunglasses
    • change of shoes
  • Go to the bathroom before you get on the water
  • Go under the train tracks on Nine Springs Creek if the water is low enough.
    • If the water is too high, portage over the tracks on the side (but DO NOT try to ride in your kayak down the rocks)


Will I get wet?
Unless it is raining or if you flip over (unlikely, but doable), only your feet will get wet when you load into your kayak. You may get lightly splashed while paddling, but for the most part you will remain dry. You can go with no shoes or wear water shoes.

Will the event be canceled if it’s raining?
In the event of rain, we will not cancel the kayak outing. If there are storms or lightning, the kayak portion will be canceled but the after party will continue as planned.

What should I wear?
Think of this as a boating excursion: you can wear a bathing suit if you are comfortable or shorts and a tank top is another option. Just like a golf outing, most people wear their golfing outfit to the after party, but Rutabaga does have changing rooms if you’d like to change between the outing and the dinner.

Will my arms be sore?
Nine Springs Creek is gentle with very little current, so it will not require rigorous paddling like on a lake. Imagine your walking with 2 lb weights in each hand, that is how it will feel when paddling. Your shoulders may be a little sore the next day, but it would be comparable to soreness from working out.

Do I have to have kayaking experience?
Absolutely not! This is an outing for kayakers of all levels. You can go at your own pace during the outing, it is not a race or competition. Foursomes will head out every 30 minutes. If we have a lot of registrants, then the foursomes will be increased to sixsomes (a new word!). 

What is included with the after party? 
We’ll be having a full dinner where you can order one dinner item off the menu as you wish. We’ll also have free wine, free beer, and one specialty cocktail included. If you are just attending the after party and not the kayak outing, then you’ll get dinner and one drink ticket.