MESBA announces two new programs for 2018

The Monona East Side Business Alliance is excited to announce two new programs in 2018—the Non Profit Roundtable and the Women’s Peer Mentor program.

The Non Profit Roundtable was designed to reduce the silos that exist in our community—especially the non profit community. We know Dane County has a plethora of NPO’s and a forum did not exist where people can attend one event and find out about how they are impacting their worlds—until now. MESBA’s NPO Roundtable, introduced in 2018, will feature up to eight NPO Director’s, President’s or CEO’s presenting for 10-15 minutes on what’s happening in their worlds. In 2018, this program will occur three times— 3/21; 6/27; 9/12 at 10-11:30am

One exclusive sponsor for $800/year is available or two presenting sponsors for $450 each.


Another new addition to MESBA’s programming for 2018 is the Women’s Peer Mentors program. This pilot program is geared toward the young professional, ages 22-40. The program will be goal centered and will run for five months with meetings twice per month with a duration of one hour and fifteen minutes. Anticipated start date is April 4. The cost to attend is $95 for this pilot program.

MESBA noted that the niche for female entrepreneurs is being met in our community but there’s a need for young, female employees who are transitioning into the workplace from college or adjusting to balancing a career and family. Career advancement barriers, harassment issues and lack of equal pay are just a few of the other issues that exist for women in the workplace.

Two professional coaches/mentors will serve as facilitators and will alternate each session. The program will also feature women who have been there and have seen it all. These are fellow members of MESBA that are now serving on the Board of Directors or who already serve as peer mentors and supporters of younger women. The program will feature workgroups, one-on-one meetings, presentations from the facilitators, and frank discussions on issues facing women today.

Sponsorships are available for $500 or $325. Will you consider one of these options to help us get this program off the ground?


Exclusive sponsors can send two employees to the program for the five month period. A presenting sponsor can send one guest at no cost.

Sponsors receive excellent marketing exposure continuously throughout the year. It’ll be an excellent opportunity to promote your business as an organization that is providing a valuable program for our members.