Keep grooving on Cottage Grove Road!

The Cottage Grove Road construction project was an excellent example of collaboration between so many parties. I thoroughly enjoyed working with City of Madison staff (Ruth Rohlich, MBA & Lisa Coleman), the contractors, and Alders Denise DeMarb and David Ahrens. Kudos to the business owners for remaining patient and optimistic throughout the term of the project!

Today, we held the Ribbon Cutting & Walking Tour of Cottage Grove Road and ended the tour with a networking luncheon catered by Culver’s on Cottage Grove Road at Chief’s Tavern. What a fantastic celebration!

According to Lisa Coleman, Project Engineer on the Cottage Grove Road construction, ADT (average daily traffic) = 15,400 (this is for the stretch of Cottage Grove Road between Maher and Dempsey); ADT = 12,850 (for stretch between Monona Drive & Johns Street). These numbers are sure to rise as the corridor is completely revamped from top to bottom and poised for redevelopment.

If you’re looking for a location or for expansion options for your business, I’d like to encourage you to take a look at the CGR corridor. It is one of the main arteries flowing into Madison, has a thriving business community, and several welcoming neighborhood associations including Lake Edge Neighborhood Association (LENA).

The Monona East Side Business Alliance (MESBA) was privileged to work with the City of Madison to keep businesses strong and top of mind during the construction in 2016. Many of us are aware of that sick feeling you get when you hear that the road your business resides on is going to be under construction for a season or better part of a year. MESBA created the Groove On Cottage Grove Road campaign to try to keep things fun and keep the focus on the future and the opportunities that would present themselves with all new water and sewer mains, new bike lanes, new street lighting, and a boulevard that is poised for growth. Search for #grooveOnCGR for the Facebook group and information online. More information can be found at

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a tour of CGR and development possibilities. You can give me a call at (608) 222-8565 or send me an email.