Future of Monona Golf Course under review

July 31, 2017
The future of the Monona Golf Course and Yahara Hills will be reviewed at an upcoming meeting on August 8 at 6pm at Olbrich Gardens in the atrium. The City of Madison released the Golf Madison Parks 2016 Annual Report on July 18 which reviews the operations, maintenance, infrastructure and financials of the four city-owned courses that comprise the Golf Enterprise.
One option discussed in the report on page 14 is the closure of the 94-acre Monona Golf Course. “Given the location and condition of the land, it is possible that a partial sale could significantly fund many of the other capital infrastructure needs of the Enterprise,” states the report. The land along Monona Drive would be sold for urban infill development. The meeting at Olbrich Gardens is open to the public and begins at 6pm.