Monona City Hall & Library parking lots to be reconstructed

Monona’s City Hall parking lot will be closed for reconstruction beginning Monday (7/11). Please avoid using the parking area during construction and obey the posted construction signs. Parking on the streets is available during this time period. Handicap accessibility will remain open during the reconstruction process and accommodations will be made for those attempting to use City Hall. City Hall parking lot reconstruction is slated to last 45 business days or less.

Library Parking Lot Reconstruction

Currently the Library parking lot has icing issues in the winter and no true pedestrian path to the entrance. This project will raise part of the parking lot as well as place a crown in the middle of the lot to shed water and create a safer driving and walking environment. The lot will lose parking spaces but will gain a central walkway.  New landscaping and landscaping wall will also be installed as part of this construction.

For more information please contact Brad Bruun with Monona Public Works at 222-2525.

If you have any questions about the project please visit the City’s Public Works Projects page for more information.