Call for 2018 MESBA Board of Directors nominations

The Monona East Side Business Alliance has seen some incredible growth in the past three years. Membership doubled in two years (as of April 2016) and is now on its way to tripling since July 2014. MESBA is thriving and dynamic and will continue to grow in the future so long as we keep developing new programs, providing high level events that are fun and engaging, and providing high value for members like marketing tools through the MESBA website and in print publications.

MESBA is governed by an 11-15 seat volunteer board of directors that meets once per month (second Tuesdays from 11:30-12:45pm). The board of directors represents a diversity of companies, industries and business interests. The board is actively involved in decision-making regarding our financial health, programming, advocacy efforts, and membership recruitment and retention efforts. All officers serving on the Board of Directors must be MESBA members in good standing for at least two years, a proven and well respected business leader who is dedicated to implementing the Alliance’s mission, and demonstrate commitment to the Alliance through engagement and support beyond paying the annual membership investment. Each director shall serve for a term of three years and until that director’s successor is elected.

If interested, please contact Kristie Schilling via email or call 222-8565 to express your interest. Kristie will setup a meeting with you to discuss the level of commitment and time required. Board candidates will introduce themselves to the membership at the November Good Morning Monona and provide a brief overview of their past experience and why they’re interested in serving on the MESBA board. Then, the membership will vote on the candidates at that meeting and MESBA staff will tally the results after the event and provide the results to the existing board of directors. The board will then vote and approve on the new board members. The new board members will be notified by MESBA staff and their seat will go into effect on January 1. Board candidates will be introduced at the annual meeting celebration—Tasting for a Cause Gala in December. DOWNLOAD BOARD SEAT INFORMATION

The executive committee consists of the following officers with the following expectations:

President (serves as president for 2 of the 3 year term)

  • President is the face of the organization and represents the alliance in the community.
  • Presides over board meetings and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Accountable for ensuring that strategies are in place to fulfill the alliance’s mission, vision and agenda.
  • Provides workable agendas and determines order of business at monthly board meetings and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Initiates and maintains frequent communication with the executive director.
  • Leads the executive committee in performance reviews for the executive director.
  • Supports the executive director to ensure that high level decisions are made in a sound manner.
  • Strengthens relationships and promotes positive communication between alliance members.
  • Serve in advisory role for incoming President for 3 months following the end of term.
  • Is one of the two authorized Executive Board Members to make all payments on behalf of the alliance (The other being the Treasurer).

Vice President (1 year of the 3 year term)

  • Support the President as needed.
  • Performs all duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • Serves in advisory role for incoming Vice President for 2 months following the end of term.
  • Provides support for alliance staff so they can work efficiently and effectively.
  • Initiates and maintains frequent communication with the executive director.

Treasurer (1 year of the 3 year term)

  • Nominated and elected by the outgoing Executive Committee.
  • Reviews all financial statements of the alliance provided by the executive director.
  • Gives the Financial Report at each board meeting.
  • Reconciles the bank statements with the alliance books between board meetings.
  • Serves in advisory role for incoming Treasurer for 2 months following the end of term.

Secretary (1 year of the 3 year term)

  • Records accurately all minutes of Executive Committee Meetings.
  • Works with members of the Executive Committee to review the role and work of the executive director.
  • Serves in advisory role for incoming Secretary for 2 months following the end of term.

As a governing body, the Monona East Side Business Alliance Board of Directors are responsible to its members for:

  • Commit to attending most events and representing MESBA as a board member.
  • Dedicated to providing financial support through sponsorships to the alliance when feasible.
  • Volunteer at events and provide event support when needed.
  • Be an advocate of the Alliance and work to gain new members.
  • Attend and contribute their expertise at monthly board meetings.
  • Setting long term vision and strategies and monitoring them against clearly-defined performance targets
  • Serving as the voice of membership to ensure their needs are being addressed
  • Provide support to alliance staff when needed.
  • Provide your expertise to alliance staff when/if needed.
  •  Monitoring the long term financial viability of the organization
  • Representing the Alliance in a professional and ethical manner
  • Policy setting and adherence
  • Provide direction and expertise to Executive Director
  • Approve and monitor budget and financial stewardship
  • Committee oversight and participation
  • Community leadership
  • Strategic planning

Board Member Job Description

  • Maintain membership in the Alliance, as a business entity.
  • Prepare by reviewing the board packet in advance of meetings and actively participate in all meetings.
  • Strive to attend all board meetings. Notify the Alliance of absences.

– Attendance Expectation = 100%

– Minimum Threshold – three (3) missed meetings with notice in a rolling twelve (12) month period.

Should a member fall below any of the minimum thresholds above, the Board President will initiate a conversation to discuss the member’s commitment to being a board member and their ability to fulfill their board responsibilities.

  • Participate in Alliance committees, groups or other programs (Ambassadors, EDGER, Business Leads, Monona Memorial Day Parade, Ribbon Cuttings)
  • Attend as many events as possible: Kickstart, Power Lunches, Good Morning Monona, Business After 5, Tasting for a Cause Gala, EXPOtential, Craft Beer, Cheese & Chocolate Pairing, Kayak Outing)
  • The executive director may request Board members to send a letter of support for a specific 
effort or initiative that is of direct benefit to the Alliance. In this instance, the expectation is that Board members draft a letter and personally send it to the identified contact person to support the effort. If a Board member has a conflict of interest in a particular situation, he/she will contact the executive director to further discuss.
  • Assist with retention of members and new member recruitment by providing referrals, sending welcome notecards to new members, and helping with sales calls if asked.
  • Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings.
  • Be informed of the organizations services, policies and programs.
  • Suggest possible nominees to the Board who can make significant contributions to the work of the Alliance.
  • Follow conflict of interest and confidentiality of Alliance board discussions
  • Remember that once a decision is made, the Board speaks with one voice. Individual Board members are obligated to present this view to the outside world.

Essential Qualifications

The preferred Board member will have a minimum of 2 years active participation in the Monona East Side Business Alliance including attending numerous events, financially supporting events through sponsorships, have a solid professional reputation and appropriate leadership skills. If you’re interested in serving, please contact Kristie Schilling or give us a call at 222-8565.