Employer Resources

The list below is a variety of workforce services available to your business.

Inspire Madison Region-Career Cruising• Inspire Madison Region – Inspire-Madison Region is a collaborative effort between Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP), Wisconsin Education Business Roundtable (WEBR), Career Advancement Network (CAN), Leadership Greater Madison (LGM), Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD), Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin (WDBSCW) and numerous employers to build stronger connections between educators and employers.

Employers play a critical role in exploring new public-private approaches to closing the skills gap. The Madison region now has a unique opportunity to strengthen the relationship between our business community, our education community and our future workforce. But, we need your help to ensure the initiative is successful.

Inspire Madison Region can help you improve your company’s local talent pipeline by connecting with students (6th grade through college), their parents and educators to inform them about your company’s and industry’s needs as well as work-based learning opportunities that you may offer.

Enroll your company today to create a free employer profile that will reach your future talent!

• State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

• Job Center of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Fast Forward – Wisconsin Fast Forward is a $15 million in grant program for employer-led, customized worker training projects. The intent is to provide essential assistance that cannot be met through an existing program. Grants will be awarded to maximize the impact of funds in catalyzing local collaboration and also encouraging the development of sustained pipelines that directly align with employer needs. The jobs of the 21st-century economy depend on these training programs.

Urban League logoUrban League – The Urban League of Greater Madison’s ADVANCE Employment Services are transforming Greater Madison into the “Best [place] in the Midwest” for everyone to work by making Dane county the best place for African Americans and others to work, grow professionally, assume advanced leadership opportunities, and reinvest in the community. We accomplish this through a combination of programs, classes, mentoring and coaching; in essence, we do everything in our power to give individuals the tools necessary to transform their lives.

The Urban League is one of Greater Madison’s largest community-based providers of career development training and job placement assistance for unemployed and underemployed adults. View ADVANCE Employment Services

Latino Academy of Workforce Development logoLatino Academy of Workforce Development – The Latino Academy of Workforce Development (LAWD) is a culturally competent, bilingual adult education, training and employment program of Vera Court Neighborhood Center, Inc. (VCNC). VCNC’s mission is to offer growth and enrichment opportunities to neighborhood residents that reflect the changing needs, strengths and diversity of the ‘Vera Court’ community. In the past fourteen years that community has grown to include much of Madison’s Northside, Southside communities as VCNC has operated the Bridge Lake Point Waunona Neighborhood Center (BLW) since 2004, and the Latino community throughout Dane County as LAWD and VCNC have responded to the tremendous need for Spanish language vocational training and employment services with strong investment from students, families, and community leaders.

Project Big Step – WRTP/BIG STEP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit workforce intermediary dedicated to connecting people to family-sustaining jobs. Our mission is to enhance the ability of public and private sector organizations to recruit, develop, and retain a more diverse, qualified workforce in construction, manufacturing and emerging sectors of the regional economy.

By being industry led, worker centered, and community focused, WRTP/BIG STEP helps under-employed, under-served, and under-represented individuals succeed in well-paying careers while exceeding industry’s workforce needs.

Operation Fresh Start – Operation Fresh Start provides Dane County youth a path to self-sufficiency through education and job training. In Dane County there are over 3,000 disconnected youth, ages 16 – 24. The vast majority of them have not completed high school and many lack the connections and resources needed to succeed in life. Operation Fresh Start (OFS) is here to help these youth find a path forward and a new beginning. We believe in fresh starts.

• AchieveAbilities Alliance, LLC
Mary Kay Clark or Cheryl Schiltz • (608) 575-2344/(608) 334-0104
Summary of Program Alternatives
-Work experience/work trial: Provide a work opportunity for selected candidates for between 2-12 weeks. Candidate’s salary will be paid by DVR through Opportunities Inc.  Although there is no obligation to hire the individual, it is anticipated that the employer will be so impressed that it will make sense to hire him or her at the end of the trial period.
-On-The-Job training: Hire a selected candidate for a work opportunity lasting between 2-12 weeks, and receive an advance of 50% of the employee’s salary.
-Job Coaching: One-on-one job coaching is available for select individuals working through a DVR program. A Job Coach may be assigned short-term just to get things running smoothly, or may be needed for a longer period for some individuals.  The Job Coach provides specific direction to assist a disabled individual to fulfill the requirements of the job.

Summary of Tax Incentives
-Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) – Up to $9,000: Employer may claim the WOTC after receiving certification from the State Employment Security Agency (SESA).
-The credit depends on the number of hours worked in a given tax year. It applies for an individual hired through DVR, working more than 120 hours in the first tax year for credit up to $2,500 or working more than 400 hours for credit up to $4,000 the first year and $5,000 the second year.
-Small Business Tax Credit – Access Up to $5,000: A small business may take annual tax credit for becoming accessible to people with disabilities. The tax credit is available every year and can be used for a variety of allowable costs.
-Architectural & Transportation Deduction – Up to $15,000: The IRS allows a deduction for expenditures made for architectural and transportation modifications.

• Monona Grove High School Supported Employment Program for Businesses
Sheena Behnke • (608) 212-0576

The Monona Grove High School Supported Employment Program seeks out employment for students with disabilities while providing a job coach for the extra training the student might need. We work to meet the employer’s needs while customizing the position for the students. In addition, students gain meaningful experiences that lead to greater independence. Your business may also receive financial incentives for participating.