Business Builders Gives Back to the Community

The MESBA Business Builders group dedicated their time to another volunteer opportunity to give back to the community. In December, the group rang the bells for the Salvation Army. Some members rang the bells for two hours at many different locations in Dane County. It was something so small but such an eye opening experience for all involved. The group will continue to have more volunteer opportunities in the future. In the past, the Business Leads groups have participated in the annual Earth Day Cleanup and volunteering at The River Food Pantry.

Business Leads is MESBA’s business referral group. More information can be found here.

Pictured from top to bottom, left to right are: KMA Bodilly CPA’s-Matt Nigorski & friend, Lake Edge Apartments-Ashley Maier, Charter Business-Ken Mehlberg, Farmers Insurance-Tim Helman, Aflac-Nick Laack & friend, Josh Lavik & Associates-Joshua Holt, Monona State Bank-Amos Pearson, Thysse Printing & Design-Brett Sackett, Keller, Inc.-Doug Sutter