Arts Day 2018 – March 21

Arts Day 2018 – Register Now

Register today for Arts Day 2018, Wednesday, March 21, 2018, at the Overture Center for the Arts and the State Capitol in downtown Madison.

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Why invest in the arts and creativity?

Investment in the arts and creativity is an investment in Wisconsin’s future.

Now is the time to invest in Wisconsin’s local and regional arts and creative economy, to benefit the economic and civic vitality of the entire state and strengthen local economies and community life.

This lkind of 21st century investment moves Wisconsin forward:

  • Jobs, workforce development, and economic vitality: growing and sustaining prosperity in every Wisconsin community
  • Educational advancement, skills training, and improved academic performance:preparing all of our children for the 21st century world and workforce.
  • Civic engagement and community connections, bringing people together for understanding and service
  • True prosperity and opportunity: advancing healthy, vibrant, livable communities and enriching the lives of everyone, everywhere in Wisconsin.  Investment in the creative sector means more vibrant, attractive and livable communities.

Now is the time to speak up for the arts as essential to Wisconsin’s economic vitality, educational advancement, workforce development, vibrant communities, and engaged residents.

On Arts Day, leaders from across the state will call for the establishment of Wisconsin Creates, an exciting public/private partnership to invest in Wisconsin’s creaive economy at the local and regional level.   Learn more about Wisconsin Creates here.

Why should you attend Arts Day?

If you care about your community and about Wisconsin’s future, you should attend Arts Day.  Come together with hundreds of leaders to speak up for their families, friends, neighbors, communities and state.  The power of these united voices is profound.   

Arts Day brings together hundreds of arts, business, education, government, political and civic leaders representing Wisconsin’s diversity, heritage and creativity to tell decision-makers that the arts and creativity are a critical investment for the state, its communities, and its people.

The resulting impact of our united voices – representing rural and urban, northeastern to southwestern and everywhere in between, for-profit and not-for-profit, musicians, sculptors, tap dancers, filmmakers, and creative entrepreneurs of all sorts, all promoting and pushing investment in the arts and creativity – is profound.

Networking, learning, speaking up, meetings, workshops, showcase performances and exhibits, and advancing a policy agenda dedicated to 21st century growth and success throughout Wisconsin – that’s what Arts Day is all about.  Register today!

Sponsor Arts Day 2018 – sign on today to support Wisconsin’s biggest day for the arts!  Click here for an up-to-date sponsor list.

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Arts Day highlights:

  • The release of 21st Century Wisconsina report on the state of Wisconsin’s creative economy and recommendations for growth and investment, produced by Arts Wisconsin and supported by the League of Wisconsin Municipalities
  • Panel discussion with Wisconsin business leaders on the critical importance of the arts and creativity for economic, workforce, educational and civic success
  • Networking, learning, idea-sharing, celebrating the arts in Wisconsin’s communities.
March 21st, 2018 8:00 AM   through   3:00 PM
201 State Street
Box 1054
Madison, WI 53703-53701