WVMO 98.7 FM – The Voice of Monona

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Now On Air!

Monona’s very own 100-watt, low-power FM radio station, WVMO, is officially on the air!

The station, located in City Hall, is equipped with top-of-the-line broadcast gear. Radio Committee Chair and longtime radio executive Lindsay Wood Davis wants to make sure people understand that this is a real radio station. “We’ll have remote broadcasts using high quality professional equipment, call-in shows, live music performances…this is real radio!”

Volunteers are already producing a range of shows and more programming is on its way with topics including, Hmong culture, Polka, Radio Theater and LGBTQ. Check out WVMO’s daily program schedule.

Listen to WVMO online.

Do You Have an Idea for a Great Radio Program?
WVMO will be a truly local radio station. All citizens in and around Monona are invited to experience radio and experience the City of Monona. And WVMO will be an all-volunteer station, so we’re going to need help from all types of people with all types of interests. If you have an idea for a local radio program, we want to hear from you!  We’re sure that there are many Monona residents with stories to tell. Email Media Coordinator Will Nimmow or call him at 513-6160 with your ideas. And don’t delay — we plan to have the station broadcasting this summer!
How Did The Voice of Monona Get Its Name?
A call letter contest to name our new low-power FM radio station was held, and the winning entry — WVMO — “The Voice of Monona” — was submitted by Monona resident Mark Buffat.  Buffat’s entry was chosen over more than 100 entries.  Congratulations, Mark, and a big thanks to all those who submitted contest entries!