2017 MESBA Member Survey released

This is your alliance. Receiving input and feedback from MESBA members is critical for staff to develop programs and initiatives that are important to you. Once each year, the Monona East Side Business Alliance releases a member survey designed to find out what programs members want to be available. The member survey is the primary method for gathering feedback and input from members on future event ideas, new programming and other initiatives that bring value to members.
In this year’s survey, you’ll see several new program ideas mentioned including a curatorial service, MESBA money, a kayak outing, mentoring program, and a forum for business owners. Your feedback and input will determine which of these programs will be implemented.

• Curatorial Service – we would create a low level membership for fine artists to join MESBA. We would create a page on our website to help connect businesses to artists to rent art for their offices. Studies show that hanging high quality art in your workplace increases workplace productivity and enhances your corporate culture and your brand.

• MESBA Money – this program is often called Chamber Bucks. Businesses would sign up to accept MESBA Money and MESBA staff would sell the checks ($10 and $25 increments) so people can give them as gifts to employees and customers. Unlike a gift card, these can be spent at numerous stores. This is a dollar for dollar program, not a discounted program. Businesses would treat MESBA Money just like a paper check.

• Kayak Outing fundraiser – too many golf outings to attend? Why not try a kayak outing?! This would be a peaceful paddle down Nine Springs Creek and would include an after party just like a golf outing. Great for team building, networking and calm and relax your mind. Like a golf outing, this event will allow our members to network with other business professionals while enjoying the great outdoors.

• MESBA Mentors – some high school students may end up on the wrong path and having a mentor can make all the difference in the world for these kids. Are you interested in committing one to two hours per month to be a mentor?

• Business Owners Roundtable – if you’ve been in business 5+ years, this may be a program that you could benefit from. It’s a structured program with set topics and an occasional guest speaker that will help guide you in those periods of ownership where you feel like you’re in uncharted waters. This group would help you build a peer support network and give you resources for HR issues, culture questions, challenging customers, and more.

The survey takes six minutes to complete and we hope you’ll communicate with us so we can make the Monona East Side Business Alliance work even better for you! Please note that the survey is intended for MESBA members in good standing. Not sure if you’re a member? Check here.
We thank you for your time and thoughts,
MESBA staff: Kristie Schilling and Amber Wilson