2015 By the Numbers—Let’s make it happen!

2015 was a pretty incredible year for the Monona East Side Business Alliance (MESBA). The organization had a record setting, 64 new members join in 2015! We’ve now doubled our membership since 2014 and are proud to have 320+ members working together in our Alliance. Our strength is in our numbers so if your business or someone you know is in business in the Monona East Side community and not yet a member, we encourage you to talk to them about working with us to propel the Monona East Side community forward.

People often ask my why we’re seeing so much growth at the Alliance. My short response is, “The opportunity of an east side chamber of commerce never existed before so people are thrilled to have the opportunity.” But, my long answer is that businesses in Monona and on the east side of Madison are highly engaged in their community, they want to see more businesses move to our area and create good paying jobs, they feel a kick in the gut when businesses like Fiskars east close their doors and move to the west side, leaving us with a vacant 60,000 square foot office complex that is beautiful and completely redone—about to be sitting empty.

Fool's Flotilla on the Yahara River

Fool’s Flotilla on the Yahara River

Those of us who work and reside in Monona or on the east side know how amazing our community is. We’re home to the creative class, we see higher diversity numbers than many other areas of Madison, we have too many to count outstanding restaurants and bars (27 along Monona Drive alone!), our recreational opportunities are vast—paddling the Yahara River, biking the Monona Lake Loop, biking on the Cap City Trail, fishing and boating on Lake Monona, disc golf options at Hiestand Park or Capital Springs, golfing at Monona Golf Course, Yahara Golf Course or Door Creek Golf Course— visiting unique attractions like Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Ho-Chunk Gaming of Madison or Olbrich Botanical Gardens and some of the most amazing and funky music and food festivals in Dane County all happen on the east side and Monona area.

Monona wife carry

Monona’s Wife Carry Competition

When it comes to businesses looking to locate or relocate to an area, it’s obvious to us that the Monona East Side community is a phenomenal choice. We have the access to the transportation network that no other area of Madison can hail—the interstate highways, highest traffic counts in Dane County (123,000 at the Beltline/E. Broadway/Stoughton Road), Dane County Regional Airport—all just minutes from world-renowned UW-Madison and situated along the Capital City State Trail. A community that’s nestled on the shore of Lake Monona, creating endless opportunities for water recreation for employees, economically diverse neighborhoods providing a vast workforce, all combine together to make an exceptional area to draw in your workforce. We hope you’ll consider our community for your headquarters. Please contact me for information on locations available and how the Monona East Side Business Alliance can help facilitate your relocation.

2015 MESBA Annual ReviewAs a review of the accomplishments of MESBA for 2015, here are some highlights from the 2015 By the Numbers infographic:
• 64 new members
• 86,364 website hits
• 29,739 find a business hits
• 4,670 job hits
• 93% member retention
• 68 events held with 2,319 attendees
• passed 111 member referrals by phone
• distributed 8,000 copies of the Guide to the Monona Area
• distributed 43 issues of the Monona Minute reaching 83,850 contacts

I encourage you to help us propel the Monona East Side community forward by watching for opportunities for growing businesses to relocate to our community. The opportunities are everywhere and it requires an alliance of engaged business people to make it happen. So let’s make it happen!

-Kristie Schilling, Executive Director of the Monona East Side Business Alliance
5708 Monona Drive
Monona, WI 53716
(608) 222-8565